Charlotte Lamoral

  • Ski Instructor
  • Sep 25, 2018
Seasonal Customer Service Retail Sales Front Desk/Reservations Ski Area

Personal Summary


Meeting the needs and wishes of the customers, that is something that needs to be pursued! It fascinates me to keep searching for appropriate solutions to fully satisfy the customers and make them happy.

I would love to work in the mountains as I adore skiing and the atmosphere around the sport. I also love working with people while being around in a beautiful environment.

My current job as consultant for Child Protection strongly appeals to me because of its diversity (different problems, conversations alternated with administration, meetings, investigating situations and their coordination, …). A job as one of the preferred above seems to be very diverse as well because on the one hand you are meeting customers from all over the world and on the other hand you have a lot of movement next to the brainwork (preparing classes, calculating the cash register, …).

From my ski training I learned to teach every movement step by step, how you can ensure that everyone is motivated to learn (for example, by switching the skiers in front with those at the back), etc. Also I learned how important it is to entertain the pupils during the classes. I want to improve my instructor skills by doing a level 1 CSIA course in November.

At Maison Rouge, a catering employment agency, I learned to work efficiently (for example at the cash register) and to serve up. For this, I received a 3 hour training.

What characterizes me is that I always see the positive in people. I learned to work in a solution-oriented way by looking at what works well and using it. Customers have an opinion that needs to be listened to. In addition to helping the customers further, I also function well within a team. In this way I am open to feedback, I like to consult with colleagues and I also gladly help them. I would like to become the factor that can guarantee the well-being of the customers.

With my enthusiasm I hope to accompany you soon. I always work with a smile on my face!

I gladly explain my resume, which is in the appendix, in an exploratory interview.

I am looking forward to your response.



Charlotte Lamoral

Work Experience

Consultant child protection
Dec 2015 - Oct 2018 Child care

Investigated alarming parenting situations and determined if social intervention was required.
Talked to the children, their parents and stakeholders and went to their houses to make a good assessment.
Convinced uncooperative parents that help is necessary and motivated them to sign up for assistance.
Coordinated the assistance in crisis situations.


master of science in educational sciences
Sep 2009 - Jan 2015 Univeristy of Ghent